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Hannah Russell

Posted on February 16 2018

One of the unexpected happy 'side effects' of starting on my zero waste path has been that I take much more care of my belongings. This is nowhere more apparent than with my toothbrush. Not so long ago I was renowned amongst my family for being a little 'forgetful' - this resulted in my leaving many toothbrushes in multiple locations across the world. A bamboo toothbrush costs a little more than a plastic but for me it is a completely worthwhile investment. We are encouraged to replace our toothbrushes regularly and this in turn creates tons of discarded brushes everyday worldwide.

There are many options available but at we choose to stock The Humble Brush. After testing many different brands available I found this brush to be the most durable (my son bit the bristles out of another brand!). In addition, every toothbrush purchased contributes to The Humble Smile Foundation - we LOVE a company that gives back.


The handle of most alternatives to traditional toothbrushes are made from Bamboo the benefits of this material are endless. Bamboo is a type of grass which grows very quickly (it can grow 100 centimetres in 24 hours). Making it a great sustainable alternative to Plastic which is made from non renewable resources and can take 1000's of years to degrade, releasing harmful chemicals during this time. The bristles of The Humble Brush are currently made of nylon-6 there are alternatives on the market but for us we decided that the elimination of the plastic handle with bristles that have been approved by dental professionals was a compromise we were currently willing to make. You can read more about how to correctly dispose of your toothbrush here.




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