We first heard of Ecostore and their amazing range of products a couple of years ago and realised what a great fit they would be to our Yachting range. If you are from Nz/Australia you will probably have already heard of this super popular brand. The Ecostore ethos from when they started in an eco-village in 1993 has always been to put people’s health first and give them the choice to live clean. They have Cleaning Products and Toiletries, all available in small containers with Refillable options and they try to be as kind to the planet as possible at every step. All products are produced in a carbon Zero certified factory in Auckland with carefully select gentle plant and mineral-based ingredients. All palm oil and palm derivatives come from certified sustainable resources. They make their small bottles with Sugarcane Plastic which is made from a renewable source, making it a better and more sustainable way to make plastic not using petrochemicals. the important thing about this is that sugar plastic bottles are also 100% recyclable through kerbside collection (unlike other bio-based plastics which can’t be recycled this way), so they can be remade into new bottles. Currently, the 4.5kg, 5kg, 5L and 20L bulk formats are made from standard HDPE but they are working towards an alternative to this at the moment.
Fragrance wise Ecostore uses components of natural essential oils and whenever possible on the website we list each of these fragrance components individually for maximum transparency. They explain that "due to the proprietary nature of many fragrance blends from our suppliers, we are not always able to disclose all fragrance components so when applicable, they list ‘Parfum’ under the Fragrance Ingredients, to indicate there is a blend in addition to the listed fragrance components. EWG gives the label ‘Parfum’ a default rating of 8 (high hazard) as many brands use this term to disguise potentially harmful synthetic fragrances. Most of our fragrances are components of natural essential oils which carry a 1-2 (low hazard) rating" Finally we had some worries about the product travelling such a long distance but we are very happy to be working with a local distributor who ensures that the product reaches us in large containers and via sea to ensure maximum efficiency and least impact.
Fabric Softener - Citrus
From €57,60 - €218,30
Dish Liquid - Lemon
From €7,75 - €118,30
Hand Wash - Lemongrass
From €10,50 - €215,40
Body Wash - Lemongrass
From €8,25 - €61,75
Pump Dispensers
From €9,25 - €13,15