10ml Amber Glass Bottles with Roller Ball

10ml Amber Glass Bottles with Roller Ball


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 This 10ml Amber Glass bottle comprises of 3 parts: bottle, metal roller ball applicator and quality black urea screw cap. A

mber glass filters UV light, making this bottle great for housing light-sensitive products (such as aromatherapy blends). The metal ball has a plastic surround, which sits neatly in the bottleneck and helps create an airtight and leak-proof seal. The rollerball applicator then allows the product to be distributed evenly and precisely, and the stainless steel ball won’t corrode when used with aggressive blends.

The coolness of the metal provides soothing relief, making it excellent for insect repellents and bite treatments. A convenient handy-sized glass bottle, this roller bottle is small enough to fit neatly in your handbag, cabin baggage and even your back pocket!

If you’re looking for a small glass bottle to fill with your favourite fragrance for when you’re travelling, this is a container that will save your favourite bottle of aftershave or perfume being broken during the flight.