1L Bathroom Cleaner Sonett

1L Bathroom Cleaner Sonett


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With citric acid, 
pure vegetable surfactants 

  • To obtain clean and shining surfaces on shower stalls, tiles, bathtubs, fittings, stainless steel and ceramic, acrylic and glass wash basins
  • Thoroughly removes hard water deposits,
    water spots and soap residue
  • No fragrance
  • 100% biodegradable

Application / Dosage

Removes limescale deposits in hard-to-reach places and simultaneously cleans fittings, stainless steel, floor tiles and shower walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

Spray and leave on for several minutes – depending on the limescale deposits, wipe off and rinse with clean water.


Not suitable for calcareous surfaces such as marble, alabaster, terrazzo, artificial stone, concrete, etc.

Available in 500ml Spray, 1L and 10L