Hand Disinfectant

Hand Disinfectant - Sonett - Viveco Yachts


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An extremely effective hand disinfectant with 70% vegetable alcohol, originating 100% from certified organic cultivation.

A small amount of plant-based certified organically grown glycerine keeps your skin soft and protects it from dryness.

  • 100% vegetable, without petrochemicals
  • Effective against bacterial germs, fungi, enveloped viruses, all types of influenza viruses and noroviruses
  • An extremely effective hand disinfectant with
  • 70% vegetable alcohol


Product declaration
Vegetable alcohol (ethanol), certified organically grown 70% (V/V)
Vegetable glycerine, certified organically grown <1%
Essential bergamot oil, certified organically grown <1%
Potassium citrate <1%
Water up to 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004
Alcohol*, aqua, glycerine*, potassium citrate, parfum*, limonene*
*certified organically grown

List of ingredients as per EC 528/ 2012
Vegetable alcohol 62,37 g / 100 ml

How to use

The ready-to-use alcoholic solution, suitable for the hygienic disinfection of your hands

Press down dispenser to obtain 3 ml of hand disinfectant and rub into your hands for approx. 1 minute

Once this time elapses, all vegetative germs of bacteria, such as Salmonella or E. coli, fungi and influenza viruses will have been destroyed