PET Amber Bottles

PET Amber Bottles


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Please note these are PET Amber bottles if you are looking for GLASS AMBER BOTTLES please click here 

What is a Plastic bottles doing on a sustainable living website?? This is not something I have added to our collection lightly but it is something that I believe has a place here. In store we offer a refill system with Faith in Nature - the small versions of these are 400ml recycled squeeze bottles - over time with a lot of use the labels and the bottles can become worn and damaged so some customers were asking for an alternative. I found these that look nice, have a  pump top to stop continual squeezing and should last a lifetime. They are made from PET plastic (see more info below) which is easily recyclable in all mainstream systems and is stable. 

With our gorgeous glass bottles there was also some concern for families with young children having these in the bath. We felt that this was a good compromise - these bottles are intended have a very long life and be refilled again and again. 

We also work a lot with sail boats where glass is not a practical or sustainable option - we hope you agree that these bottles have a place in our collection! 

 PET Plastic

There are no chemical phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA) in PET plastic, and therefore PET plastic does not leach these substances. Phthalates are substances used in the manufacture of PVC plastics to make them flexible – they are not used in the manufacture of PET plastic bottles.