1L Cleaning Vinegar

1L Cleaning Vinegar


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The alcohol vinegar La droguerie écologique® is an aqueous solution containing acetic acid (titration at 8%). White Vinegar is a remarkable household product that is famous for being multi-purpose, eco-friendly and inexpensive. This liquid has numbers of properties which make it so useful around  the home - degreaser, air freshener, limescale remover. 

Once purchased you can Refill this product in store from our 5L bottle.  

– Alcohol vinegar originating from Organic farming and certified AB by ECOCERT.

– Made in France by alcoholic fermentation of cereals organically grown

– Recyclable PET packaging.
– Available in 1L and 5L (economy-size) bottles.
– Non-toxic to humans, environmentally safe.
– Wide range of use.