Amber Glass Bottles with Trigger Spray

Amber Glass Bottles with Trigger Spray - Viveco - Viveco Yachts


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Each bottle is made from the highest quality thick-cut and robust amber glass.

Glass has excellent chemical resistance that allows you to use it with many different products. The plastic trigger head comes in a range of colours and has the option of stream or spray.

Our stylish labels are made to fit these bottles and we can also work with you to create your own branded labels.

  • Available in 300ml and 500ml
  • Made from high-quality thick-cut amber glass
  • Amber Glass has slight UV protection
  • Fully Recyclable


Amber Glass

How to use

Fill with your required product and use as needed

We recommend cleaning between refilling the spray and bottle

The glass bottles are dishwasher safe, and the sprays can be hand washed

We recommend only using these in areas you can access to stow for sea easily

Always Clearly label the contents inside and avoid using products that could be hazardous