Beeswrap Assorted 3Pack

Beeswrap Assorted 3Pack


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On a hunt to resource items from as locally as possible we are very excited to introduce our new supplier of Beeswax Wraps - The natural alternative to plastic wrap/cling film for food storage.

Made in small batches in mainland Spain this is a natural organic food wrap, reusable and free from plastic aluminium and toxic products.

Eco Food Wraps are a natural alternative to plastic and aluminium foil. These wraps are 100% organic, reusable and sustainable for the environment.

Handmade using 100% organic cotton fabric (GOTS certified), beeswax, BIO jojoba oil and tree resin. Theses food wraps have antibacterial properties that keep your food fresh longer.

You just place the wrap over a food or the top of a container and press with the warmth of your hands. After a few seconds, the wrap will hold its shape when it cools to keep it sealed and fresh. It can be stored in the fridge or the freezer.

It can be washed with cold water (avoid hot water) and mild dish soap, then air dry. It can last up to 1 year with proper care. Not to be used with Raw Meat or Fish. 

This Assorted 3 pack contains:

(S) 20x21 cm (1 pc)

(M) 25x28 cm (1 pc)

(L) 33x36 cm (1 pc)

 2  different styles available 

- Peacock, Gold Shards and Pink Dots

- Jungle Cats, Jungle Wild and Blue Flowers