Body Brush - Soft

Body Brush Soft - Dry - Redecker - Viveco Yachts


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Body brush made of birch with natural fibre bristles. A sustainable alternative to mainstream body exfoliators which harm the environment and our bodies with micro-beads and unnatural components.

This brush is meant for DRY body brushing, to be done before showering. A dry massage is an excellent form of stimulation for the vascular-circulatory and nervous systems.

A great option to have onboard for the Guest Wellness and pampering sessions.

Size: 13.5 cm

Made in Germany



Oiled beechwood

Natural fibres

Cotton belt

How to use

Always start the massage on parts of the body that are the farthest from the heart, on the feet, then the arms

Massage using 3 – 5 strong, slow strokes of the brush towards the heart

On the stomach, chest, and back areas use smaller, circular motions in a clockwise direction

Rinse gently in warm water and air dry