Large Coconut Bowls - Kokonat

Large Coconut Bowls - Kokonat


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 Large Bowls – 800ml / +14cm (14 × 14 × 8 cm)

Do you love a poke bowl? Miss the Acai bowls of your travelling days? Or just really love the feeling of eating out of a coconut! Then we have the perfect item for you. These Large Kokonat bowls are perfect for a full meal, poke bowl or salad for lunch or dinner. Great for on the go and travelling to keep with you or use around the home and with kids. 

Kokonat Bowls are a company with a purpose not only to save the planet but to empower and enhance communities, everywhere they work (mainly in India). They work directly with the NGO Lokpanchayat, which does a great helps women and other disadvantaged sectors of rural Indian society - there the women make and create these beautiful bowls out of 'waste' coconut husks. 

Maintenance to get the most out of your Kokonats!

Wash your coconut bowl by hand, with warm, soapy water with care, don't leave to soap and make sure they dry fully before storing.

These guys are natural so keep them them in their natural state - 
don't use them in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator - this will extend their life. If exposed to extreme temps the bowls can crack.

There are 3 size bowls available 

Small Bowls – 300ml / 9-10cm - Perfect for breakfast, sauces, snacks

Medium Bowls – 450ml / 11-13cm - Perfect for lunch and dinner, poke bowls, smoothies and salads