Cotton Pouch - Medium

Cotton Pouch - Medium


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 This 100% organic cotton pouch can be used in a multitude of ways. We use it to keep our Shaving Kits and Cutlery and Straws Kits together and clean but its uses are endless. 

From small childrens toys to your toothbrush when travelling - think ouside the box and use this pouch wherever you can. We just discovered that it also fits bottles of DoTerra essential oils perfectly ! 

 This Pouch measures 8cm x 26cm Machinewash 30, Not Preshrunk (item may shrink up to 10%). Line Dry. Natural Fabric (Undyed)

 Also available in a 'set' including 2 straws, a brush and a set of Bambu cutlery. 

  • Machinewash 30

    Not Preshrunk (item may shrink up to 10%)

    Line Dry

    Natural Fabric (Undyed)