Dishwasher Tablets All-In-One Zero - Fragrance Free

Dishwasher Tablets All-In-One Zero - Fragrance Free - Ecover - Viveco Yachts


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Our favourite dishwasher tablet option from Ecover: these tablets work efficiently and are 100% fragrance-free.

Even though these tablets already contain rinse aid and salt action, please check with your engineer about water quality onboard and monitor the dishwasher in case you need to put salt in it to maintain it.

The box is made with 100% recycled cardboard with individually wrapped tablets inside.

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Vegan friendly.
  • CLEAN BOX: This box is made of recycled cardboard and is widely recyclable. The plastic wrapper protects the tablets against moisture but unfortunately can only be recycled in certain areas where facilities exist.


5-15%: Oxygen-based bleaching agents
<5%: Non-ionic surfactants, Enzymes

Other: Sodium citrate, Sodium carbonate, Polypeptide, Disodium disilicate, Sodium bicarbonate, Bleach activator, Bentonite, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Sodium gluconate

How to use

Please remove the wrapper and place the tablet in the dispenser, do not place the tablet into the cutlery basket

Preferably put the machine on eco-mode to save energy

Only place dishwasher-safe materials into your dishwasher - no wood, silver, aluminium, copper, hand-painted ceramics, antiques and crystal

If in doubt, wash the item by hand with Ecover washing-up liquid

Dosage: 1 tablet

The wrapper protects the tablets against moisture and is recyclable where facilities exist