Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads

Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads
Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads
Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads
Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads
Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads
Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads

Eco-Laundry Strips - 40 loads

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Natulim detergent strips leave your clothes cleans without toxic ingredients or plastic. For whites and colours. A Simple Wash With Natulim Strips Will Leave your Clothes Soft & Smelling Great.


Natulim ingredients come from plant origin. They are respectful with the skin and with the environment:

Polyvinyl alcohol : Polyvinyl alcohol protects the sheet from oxidation. It is odorless and non-toxic. It is completely biodegradable and dissolves perfectly in water.
Glycerol: Of vegetable origin and biodegradable. Glycerin increases detergency and softens.
Betaine: It is an amphoteric detergent with cleaning properties and is well tolerated by the skin.
Sodium Bicarbonate : It is a white crystalline solid compound soluble in water. Baking soda balances the pH of the water, which helps to leave clothes cleaner, fresher and brighter.
Sodium Citrate: Reduces water hardness. It is the best alternative to phosphates.
Sodium dodecyl sulfate : It is a surfactant of plant origin. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate removes oils and greases. It is 99% biodegradable.
Alpha Olefin Sulfonate : Ecological and easily biodegradable anionic surfactant. In products in which the skin is in contact, it gives softness.
Alcohol Ethoxysulfate: Emulsifying anionic surfactant. It is also used in cosmetics because it is not very aggressive with the skin.
Kaolinite, Starch: They form the base of the strip
Perfume: The Lavender and Floral variant carries perfume. The Natural does not carry.

Step 1:
1 Strip - 4kg of clothes.
2 Strips - 7-8kg of clothes

Step 2:
Insert Strip In The Washing Machine

Add Your White Or Colored Clothing In The Washing Machine

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