Pleated Facemasks with Ear Loops

Pleated Facemasks with Ear Loops


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Cotton mask made with recycled cotton, with space for a HEPA filter that you would replace with each use. It has several folds to cover your face. For extra protection you can cut a vacuum cleaner bag or coffee filter into a rectangular shape to insert into the mask before wearing, then remove the filter and wash the cotton portion after every wear.

These are made in Mallorca from reused fabric. Comfortable and Breathable simply wash after use and replace the filter every time. They are available in 4 sizes this is measured from the elastic on one side to the other unstretched. 

Large Adult - 38cm 

Adult (approx 13+) - 35cm

Junior (approx 6- 13yrs) - 27cm

Infant (approx up to 4/5yrs) - 24cm

Please note these are not Medical  Grade Masks and to be used as a preventative measure only.

“A mask is only ever as good as the wearer, and isn’t a replacement for social distancing and good hand hygiene,” says Anna Davies, one of the researchers in the Public Health England study.

 homemade masks are not considered PPE, since their capability to protect HCP is unknown. They will not prevent you from contracting Covid-19 as cloth masks aren't impenetrable, but some research suggests they may be better than nothing.