Razor Stainless Steel

Razor Stainless Steel - Redecker - Viveco Yachts


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Disposable plastic razor blades and handles are an immense problem as they are essentially unrecyclable.

Switching to the traditional 'safety razor' is a stylish and very economical move to make. The replacement blades cost a fraction of the normal ones and do not come packaged in plastic.

Essentially this is a razor for life with a little care and learning it is as easy as the disposable options we are used to.

This Razor comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard display box with one blade included.

Size: 9.5 cm

Made in Germany


Metal, Chrome-coated

How to use

Just running your stainless-steel razor blade under warm water will have it ready to go in virtually seconds

Then, you can enjoy the sensation of nice, warm steel gliding against your face, adding to the relaxing nature of wet shaving