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Soap Dish - Oiled Thermowood

Soap Dish - Oiled Thermowood

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As soap bars are making a well-deserved comeback as are the soap dishes.
So you must have the correct item to store them on.

Soap needs to dry thoroughly between use and this beautiful dish from Redecker comes with drainage holes to allow this.

Small rubber feet protect the underneath and ensure water does not damage the underside. Thermowood has been 'baked' at high temperatures closing the pores and giving it this unique caramelised colour.

It absorbs little or no water and is thus practically insensitive to moisture. It is ideal for areas where wood is exposed to high moisture levels – from baths to saunas.

Size: 10 x 8 cm

Made in Germany

Oiled Thermowood
Rubber feet

Allow to air dry


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