Soap Sack

Soap Sack - Redecker - Viveco Yachts


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These soap sacks are small bags made out of all-cotton fibres that you can pop a bar of soap into.
More and more people are now ditching plastic body wash bottles and are going back to soap bars. Especially now that there is an array of bars available to suit every skin type.

The loop on top allows you to hang the soap to dry.
The fabric of the bag itself acts both as a washcloth and a means to keep the bar clean in between uses.

A great way to extend the life of your soap or for separating bars when using a shared shower with a crew.

Dimensions: 11 x 12.5 cm


70% cotton

30% sisal

How to use

Place ends of soap in here to collect and keep using

Or place a new bar in and use it as an exfoliator in the shower

Hang to dry between uses

Wash in the washing machine and lay flat to dry when not being used