String Shopping Bag with Pouch

String Shopping Bag with Pouch


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Most people (we hope!) have one or two reusable bags hanging around the house. And this is the place most of them stay! When heading for a weekly shop it is fairly easy to remember to bring with you some bags, the problem we found is when you have to make a stop off to grab a 'few' unexpected bits - your handy reusable bag is hanging out at home and you end up juggling the groceries to the car.

Sustainability needs to be convenient and stylish as well for it to become the 'norm' and this is where our 100% Organic Cotton String Bag in a Pouch (catchy name!) was born. We love the look and feel of a string bag - but it is not doing much good for the world hanging stylishly in an apartment being pictured for instagram. Keeping a string bag in your big bag or car is not really practical, pens, keys and basically anything in the world get stuck in them and they unravel into a large mess, so we made the pouch. Once unpacked at home stuff the bag back into its pouch and pop back into the car or your bag so it is always with you. Lifesaver!

We tested various types of string bag and decided on the short handled as the most practical and user friendly. You can fit a LOT in these bags and with the long handled version we found it uncomfortable and bulky to carry over your shoulder and too long to carry by hand.

So here we have it - Stylish, practical and convenient! Our perfect on the go reusable bag.

These bags are made in a small family run sustainable factory with GOTS (see below) certification in India - everything is done in house from the weaving of the fabric to the sewing, printing of labels and quality control - We have visited this factory and love the ethos of and the people who run it.

What is GOTS and why is it important?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.