Washing Soap Flakes

Washing Soap Flakes


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Most detergents com packaged in thick plastic bottles and are packed full of mystery ingredients. You can use Soap Flakes as a base to make your own products around the house for items like washing liquid, detergent and soap etc. 

These Soap Flakes from La droguerie écologique® are 

– Only made of coconut and palm oils, originating from crops certified AB.
– A Product certified Natural Detergent by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT standards: http://www.ecocert.com/en/natural-detergents.
– Made with no additive, preservative or fragrance.
– Manufactured and packaged in France.
– Packed in a paper Kraft bag and in a 1kg economy-size pack.


About La droguerie écologique®

There are many reasons we love this company- on all of their products you can see this “Soft impact” pictogram, which shows that it has been designed to make as little impact as on the environment. This means using an abundance of natural resources, only made in France or in Europe, with no or very little processing, fully eco-designed packaging and an ecological label.


They also list the Carbon Footprint for every product This is a great environmental indicator and hopefully in the future more companies will begin showing this information. It can be calculated as the sum of all greenhouse gases emissions which are induced during the different steps of product’s life (production, transport, packaging, distribution). For more information nd full list of products check the link here. https://la-droguerie-eco.com/en/carbon-footprint/