by Hannah Russell

Mallorca is a unique island full of contrasts from stunning rural Fincas to cliff-top modernist homes and everything in between. I think becoming a small part of the Island through living or owning property here gives us a responsibility to protect it wherever we can – and the way is to be aware of the amount of waste we are using and the products we are flushing into the ecosystem.

While life here in Mallorca can surely be described as idyllic in many ways, practical life can often involve a lot of driving and searching to locate the particular products that you want. Once summer hits this slightly mundane task can become a highly unenjoyable one.

Viveco Home can offer you long-lasting sustainable solutions across the interior of your home that can take away the task of shopping for Environmentally Cleaning and Laundry Products and Toiletries a thing of the past, saving you not only time and money but having a hugely positive impact on our special Island.


For most of our lives we have accepted the routine of a ‘weekly’ shop writing down the items we need, driving to a supermarket walking round and stocking up before driving home, unpacking, using the product before throwing another spray bottle, and repeating the process. I am here to tell you that there is a better way.
One of the biggest pros and cons of plastic is it is made to last for a long time. Instead of discarding the spray bottles or shower gel bottles when they are empty why not refill them and continue using them?

Instead of purchasing expensive individual bottles keep a large container in your home to refill your smaller bottles from. 5L bottles can be conveniently stored nearly anywhere (under sink/above cupboards etc) and larger 10L or 20L’s are great for Laundry rooms and Housekeeping areas. When your bottles are empty simply refill – a 5L Bodywash will refill a 400ml small bottle 12.5 times saving you up to 75% of plastic! Not only will you have made no ‘waste’ but you will have saved shopping time and money from purchasing in Bulk.

In addition, when using the larger containers there are other benefits

♻ They can be cleaned, repurposed and recycled

♻ With some of our local brands we offer a closed-loop system where we collect back the large containers to be reused again


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