Collection: La Droguerie Ecologique

We often overcomplicate the world of cleaning and spend an unnecessary amount on well-marketed products that are actually unnecessary. La Droguerie Ecologique is a company that encourages you to 'make them yourself by making some basic ingredients more easily available and making sure they are produced and packaged in the most environmentally way possible. Made in France or in Western Europe, La Droguerie Écologique®’s products are designed with natural raw materials and a maximum of organic ingredients. Products are selected and produced with a minimum of energy and raw materials to preserve the environment.
They label their products with a “Soft impact” pictogram, which shows that it has been designed in a way to impact as little as possible the environment. They go a step further and have calculated the Carbon Footprint for each product, this can be used as a great environmental indicator of a product, which we list in the individual Information - The Carbon footprint is expressed in a number of grams of CO2 equivalent per 100g of product. They have a number of certifications including EcoCert Greenlife, Organic Farming and FSC Certified.