Collection: Ecover

We thought carefully about adding Ecover to our range as their products are not 100% Naturally fragranced but as they offer very high-quality products, a scented Fabric Softener (which is a need from a lot of Yachts) and good refillable options we have done some research and decided that they have a place in the Viveco family. There are a lot of promises on their website and they are moving in the right direction with their ethos. Most of their bottles are now made with 75% PlantPlastic (renewable sugarcane) and 25% recycled plastic. All the laundry products we offer from them are available in 5L and 15L refill. This year they are launching the first 100% recycled plastic bottle from post-consumer waste (called PCR) which is good as it adds to the demand for recycled plastic. They do use Palm Oil in their products but 100% of the palm oil and palm kernel oil they source is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which certifies that the suppliers’ plantations and practices are not contributing to deforestation. They are also moving to find other alternatives, for example, the new Ecover Laundry Fabric Softener uses sustainable French-grown rapeseed oil instead. Their fragrances are at least 50% naturally derived and they ensure that the synthetic components biodegrade fully.