Collection: Sonett

Since the 1970's Sonett have been a pioneer for ecological laundry detergents and cleaning agents. Once the damage from Laundry Detergents on water supplies became apparent Sonett dedicated itself to developing an environmentally friendly washing system. Abstaining from ever using any petrochemical raw materials, genetic engineering, or enzymes but rather choosing oils and essential oils derived from organic plants they now have a full range of Cleaning and Laundry products that are effective and kind. Sonett not only concentrates on the planet but care deeply about people and society as well.
The labelling of many of the Sonett products is carried out by disabled people at the Camphill Workshops Lehenhof close by. The structure of the company also shows their commitment to equality and inclusion out of 110 jobs, 56 are held by women making up 40% of the Heads of Departments – and this in a chemical factory in which manual labour and technology play a dominant part. For this and many other reasons, Sonett has earned our 'Extra Ethical' badge!