Collection: Loofco

LoofCo is the own brand of a company called NatBrands who is a distributor of natural and sustainable household and personal care products. LoofCo products are made with sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut (Loofah + Coconut = LoofCo!). LoofCo products are plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable and offer an effective alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges and they ensure that all LoofCo farming practices are sustainable and held accountable to the highest environmental standards. Coconut and Loofah are both renewable raw materials that absorb CO2 when growing. In Egypt and Sri Lanka where they have harvesting facilities they take care to ensure that local farmers and production workers have an inclusive workplace, are treated fairly with wages and benefits, such as medical insurance and higher than normal rates. LoofCo products are Vegan and they are fully registered with the Vegan Society. All their loofahs are harvested, peeled, deseeded, then dried, cut into lengths and processed by hand in Egypt.