Collection: Cleanwave

Asociacion Cleanwave was created as a non-profit initiative that set out to reduce plastic water bottles by creating a network of water refill points across the Balearic Islands which was so badly needed. In 2020, the organisation shifted to become the established Cleanwave Foundation, currently mobilizing 3 initiatives: Cleanwave Movement – Cleanwave Education - MedGardens – The organisation strives to become self-sustainable, by creating income-generating activities that help to “feed” the Foundation and provide stability for the projects and the team. These include providing water solutions for events, selling Cleanwave bottles and offering educational camps and workshops. This in turn allows them to offer these same services for free to events and to children/schools who have limited resources. Every purchase of a Cleanwave product is helping fund this amazing initiative right here in Mallorca. Keep your eye out for a refill fountain or search them out on the app.