Collection: GuppyFriend

Guppyfriend is a unique small brand that operates within a larger clothing company. They were made aware of a study brought to them by a marine biologist and environmental activist. The results of the study were unambiguous: with every wash, tiny plastic fibres from textiles find their way from washing machines into the wastewater, polluting rivers, lakes, oceans, and soils on an unimaginable scale.

They decided to set out on a mission to stop microplastics from ending up in the environment.

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is the first step. It makes the microplastic problem visible, communicates it, and makes it tangible for everyone. With the sales of the Guppyfriend Washing Bags, they support the non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste. Guppyfriend is part of LANGBRETT. "At LANGBRETT, we produce fair, local, and holistically sustainable clothing and footwear without any compromises. We avoid plastic and chemicals, use natural materials as well as chrome-free leather and develop microplastic-free alternatives."