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Surface Disinfectant

Surface Disinfectant

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Purely plant-based ingredients are the special characteristics of this hugely popular surface disinfectant.

For disinfecting all surfaces, working surfaces and appliances resistant to alcohol in sanitary areas, with a pleasing light scent.

  • 100% vegetable, without petrochemicals
  • Tested efficacy against all enveloped viruses, influenza viruses, H1N1, H5N1, herpes, HIV, noroviruses, MRSA and ESBL germs, as well as against fungi, yeasts and bacteria such as salmonellae, E. coli etc.


Active ingredient: vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 70%
(623,7 g / litre)
Natural essential sage oil, certified organically grown <1%
Natural essential lavender oil,
certified organically grown <1%
Water up to 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004
Alcohol, aqua, parfum*, linalool*, limonene*
*certified organically grown

List of ingredients as per EC 528/2012
Vegetable alcohol 62,37 g / 100 ml

The ready-to-use solution can be applied by spraying or wiping
The product dries up without leaving any residue
Wet the clean objects and surfaces by either spraying or wiping them

Amount to use: 50 ml / m² (1.7 fl oz US / 10.7 sqft) per surface of max. 2 m² (21 sqft)


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