Amber PET Plastic Bottles with Trigger Spray

Amber PET Plastic Bottles with Trigger Spray - Viveco - Viveco Yachts


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With the same high-quality look as amber glass, this bottle is made from high-quality amber PET plastic with trigger spray.

When cared for properly, this bottle can last years of being refilled.
We recommend only using mild cleaning solutions in these bottles as some chemicals can react with plastic - if you are unsure use glass bottles.

  • Available in 300ml or 500ml
  • Amber PET provides a small amount of UV protection
  • Fully recyclable
  • Shatterproof and lightweight


Amber PET Plastic

How to use

Fill with your required product and use as needed

We recommend cleaning between refilling the spray and bottle

The bottles and the sprays can be hand washed

Always Clearly label the contents inside and avoid using products that could be hazardous