Dishwasher Salt

Dishwasher Salt

Dishwasher Salt

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The Regenerating Salt is compatible with all conventional dishwashers and is made up of pure crystallised evaporated salt that is free from synthetic colourants and other additives.

The salt is responsible for the absorptive power of the dishwasher's ion exchanger, preventing the formation of limescale deposits on glass and dishes.

  • Free from anti-caking agents and synthetic dyestuffs
  • For optimal dishwashing results
  • 2kg bag

Pure coarse-grained evaporated common salt 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004
Sodium chloride

As soon as the dishwasher’s ‘salt needed’ light turns on, fill the designated salt compartment with regenerating salt according to the machine manufacturer's instructions for use

Some machines indicate their need for salt replenishment at a very late state
To prevent this, the regenerating salt compartment should be regularly refilled even though the display does not yet indicate the respective need

If the salt compartment was completely empty, wait for about 2 hours after replenishing it before switching the machine on again; this gives the ion exchanger sufficient time to regenerate


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