Dishwashing Liquid - Lemon

Dishwashing Liquid - Lemon - Sonett - Viveco Yachts


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The dishwashing liquid being highly concentrated, it is very economical in its use. The surfactants used, i.e. coconut oil alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactants, are 100 % biodegradable and very gentle to the skin as well, thanks to this combination.

  • Available in Tester 120ml, 300ml, 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L 
  • Pure vegetable surfactants, especially gentle to the skin
  • For manual cleaning of dishes
  • The natural fresh fragrance of organic lemongrass oil
  • 100% biodegradable


Sugar surfactants 5–15 %
Coconut oil alcohol sulphate 1–5 %
Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1–5 %
Common salt <1 %
Citrate <1 %
Natural essential lemongrass oil, certified organically grown <1 %
Balsamic additives, certified organically grown / collection from wild-growing plants <1 %

Water, swirled up to 100 %

List of ingredients as per EC 648 / 2004
Aqua, alkylpolyglucoside C10–C16 (lauryl glucoside), sodium C8–C14 fatty alcohol sulphate (sodium octyl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate), alcohol, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, parfum*, citral*

*certified organically grown

How to use

This is an extremely economical concentrated liquid for manual dishwashing, which even people with sensitive skin consider being exceptionally gentle to their skin

Add 2 dashes, approx. 3 ml  to  5 litres (0.1 fl oz US / 1.3 gal) of water to the dishwashing water or apply straight onto the sponge