GeOrganics Natural Floss

GeOrganics Natural Floss


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Everything about the old style dental floss now  seems wrong - plastic string packaged  in an ugly plastic box! This has to be one of our favourite products  a more stylish,  luxury product that is also plastic free. 

This 30 metres floss clew is packed in a zero-waste and plastic free glass container; the metal dispensing lid easily allows you to cut the floss. After use the  floss can be disposed fin your organic waste or compost bin!

When you are finished keep the container and add some more floss which is available in packs of 2 here. 

PETA cruelty-free & plastic-free packaging.Made from wild & sustainably grown silk from the Chinese Silk District.

Comes in a reusable glass container & metal dispenser. Packed in biodegradable and compostable kraft paper box. Available as 60 metres refill (2 clews) without dispenser.